16.1.2020 21:00



Akash Sharma & Sarah Bahr (Sound Codes Research Lab, Mumbai)
Valentina Vuksic ‎(Tripping Through Runtime, Zürich)
Kaspar König (Listen To Colors, Zürich)

Kasper x Bahr x Sound.Codes x Runtimetrips
«Live Coding, Listen2Colour, Voice, Objects and Electronics»

Kaspar König
Kaspar König is a transdisciplinary artist with a focus on the embedding of the context into the project, concert or workshop. Soundperformances and actionism for the (acoustic) quality of the environment drive him. He has a Masterdegree in Soundart and Composition from the Conservatory in Mainz and a degree in Industrial Design from Berlin UdK. He works since 1999 with sustainable design, sound & performance. Since April of 2018 Kaspar König started to work as an artist for the rectorate of ZHdK in the sustainability dossier. Since Oct. 2017 till 2019 he worked as an interim Prof. (assisting Prof. P.Kiefer) for Soundart and Composition at HfM (Mainz) were he lectured about the artistic practices of soundart.

Akash Sharma is an experimental artist exploring electro-acoustic improvisation, data manipulation, algorithmic compositions, and sensor-based music. He is the founding director of Sound.Codes - a sound research lab which conducts acoustic conservation and designs customised immersive experiences. He is interested in Human-Machine relationships and interfaces. His work explores the transmission of information, how to make traditional knowledge and information more accessible to the public at large. He is also the co-instigator of Algorave India.

Sarah Bahr
sba0h0r0 was born in a small ..... called ..... in . Throughout her life, sba0h0r0 has always been fascinated by ..... and how ..... ...... . After completing her degrees in ......, ..... and ....., sba0h0r0 delved even more into her ..... practice of....., which involved loss and regeneration of ...... sba0h0r0 was selected as one of the ..... featured in ..... (). sba0h0r0 lives and works in ....., surrounded by....., ..... and her black raven called Abraxas.

Tripping through runtime
Improvisation with the electromagnetic emissions of | stress(ed) | & other software. Valentina Vuksic is amplifying and broadcasting security gaps that appear in the physical exhaust of computation, the entanglements between (local) cyberspace(s) and its environment(s).

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