28.8.18 20:00

The World has no Eyedea

the very last drop: 
finalizing UMBO 2019 techno wise!
...well, sort of, as you know the usual suspects.



🍸 NITRATE (Rono2) --> sc

🥃 UHURUKU (ᗏ ᑟ ᗐ ᑍ ᗑ ᑤ ᗒ) --> sc

🍷 INK! (-ous) --> sc

🍹 NEW.COM (Comfortnoise, Zero G Sounds) --> sc

entry 10.- (5 b4 12)

Micheal Larsen was a freestyle battle rapping champion, a guitar player, a break dancer, lead singer of a punk band, a poet, a philosopher, and a supportive friend to many.He passed away on October 16th, 2010.We lost something very special and The World Has No Eyedea.



The World has no Eyedea