23.5.18 21:00

it happens when it happens

the very last drop: 
finalizing UMBO 2019 techno wise!
...well, sort of, as you know the usual suspects.


🍸 NITRATE (Rono2) --> sc

🥃 UHURUKU (ᗏ ᑟ ᗐ ᑍ ᗑ ᑤ ᗒ) --> sc

🍷 INK! (-ous) --> sc

🍹 NEW.COM (Comfortnoise, Zero G Sounds) --> sc

entry 10.- (5 b4 12)


Talibam! (NYC)

Matt Mottel (synthesizers)

Kevin Shea (drums, electronics)

Talibam! is a 15-year working unit based in New York City, a rhythm

section that is at the cross hair of agility, speed, punctuation, and intention.

Talibam! can be described in various ways --

as a classic keyboards/drums expanded-jazz duo, as Dadaist provocateurs with an innate love for the history of music, as a theater group, as an electronic ensemble inspired by Stockhausen. Since their inception in 2003, Talibam!’s ultimate goal has been to wed disparate ideologies through proficiency, controversy, inquiry, and compassion.

Talibam! delights in creating music that cannot be pinned down within the safe-spaces of existing genres. With each new album, Talibam! reinvents their methodological palette in order to bolster a fresh clarity of joyous auditory surprise, something their fans have come to depend on. Talibam! focuses on compositional clarity, with reverence for their diverse interest in genre.


Flo Goette Solo

Flo Götte (E-Bass/Resonating Guitars/MPC)

Summe aller Frequenzen lassen Raum und Saiten resonieren.

Doors: 21:00, Concerts: 21:30

it happens when it happens