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TEDTEDTED (Berlin, live)

Renata (Beirut, Frequent Defect, DJ)

Try Harder (Beirut, Frequent Defect, DJ)

F1-PV (Zürich, Umbo, DJ)

TEDTEDTED (Berlin) – live

Teddy Tawil aka TEDTEDTED is a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist, currently residing in Berlin. Initially a drummer, recent years have seen him expand his musical universe, teaching himself the piano, synths, software and electronics. Therefore, acquiring the unique ability to combine a complex sense of rhythm with a particular understanding of sound design resulting in an intricate, soulful and distinctive sound. He is currently exploring the concept of sonic fiction, ‘Arab-futurism’ and sci-fi electronics.


Renata (Frequent Defect, Beirut) – DJ

Renata’s sound was shaped throughout her years of beat-based explorations, using the decks and drum machines in her deconstruct/reconstruct approach.

Her art draws vision and inspiration from the murkier edges of beat processions and takes shape as a manifestation of dissent through her ever-evolving modus operandi.

During her stint in London, she branched out through residencies within the local scene alongside launching her own series under “The Calling” banner. She then returned to Beirut in 2016 and joined the Frequent Defect team with whom she shares a similar drive to address collective issues through multidisciplinary art forms. 

Renata is consistently endeavoring as an artist and curator while feeding into the collective force seeking to confront conditioning and the underlying taboo subjects through unapologetic radical art.

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[1-Oct-2021 – HÖR]
[13-Mar-2021 - FREQUENT DEFECT present: Renata – Morphine X Beirut]
[16-Apr-2020 - Renata (Frequent Defect) | BoilerRoom: Streaming from Isolation with MA3azef]
[5-May-2019 - Renata | The Ballroom Blitz x Boiler Room]

Try Harder (Frequent Defect, Beirut) – DJ

Try Harder is the perpetual effort of mining & producing the harshest post-club sonics.

As one of the aliases of Beirut-based artist designer / DJ / producer, Try Harder is concerned with the hybrid intersections of rave culture & sound design.


F1-PV (Umbo, Zürich) – DJ

F1-PV is a Zurich-based musician that has been leaving his mark on the local and national underground scene in recent times. Drawing inspiration from his cultural origins in the Philippines, his sound merges IDM, breakcore, industrial as well as tribal music with audio extracts that can be traced back to the indigenous archipelago people or the grassroots-genre Budots, resulting in a dark and captivating sonic experience.


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