20.10.18 21:00

Rampant Botanics: FELL + REA

the very last drop: 
finalizing UMBO 2019 techno wise!
...well, sort of, as you know the usual suspects.



🍸 NITRATE (Rono2) --> sc

🥃 UHURUKU (ᗏ ᑟ ᗐ ᑍ ᗑ ᑤ ᗒ) --> sc

🍷 INK! (-ous) --> sc

🍹 NEW.COM (Comfortnoise, Zero G Sounds) --> sc

entry 10.- (5 b4 12)

live: FELL (Simon Berz, CH + Toktek, NL)
live: REA (CH)

Tür 21 Uhr / Konzerte 22 Uhr

Simon Berz (Switzerland) and toktek (Holland) battle it out in supercharged music sessions. Playing their self-made electronic instruments and interfaces, they turn human emotion and body movement into sound that results in a spasmodic, sweaty dialogue between them and their machines.

As a drummer and soundartist, Simon Berz has invented new ways to communicate with his self-made instrument, The Rocking Desk. By using DIY analog electronic devices, his drum kit creates feedback and communicates back to him. The ensuing dynamic exchanges range from loud arguments to the whisper of sweet nothings.

Over the years, toktek has mastered the art of sampling anything that makes sound. Nothing is more entertaining than watching toktek build up his palette of sounds from random musical objects and then blissfully play them on his controller is unlike any other musical experience. He is a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, enjoying his life as a castaway in a wonderland of electronic music.


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Rampant Botanics: FELL + REA