7.2.2020 23:00



Techno, Leftfield Bass, Field Recordings, Still Dance, Tempo Variations.

Mieko Suzuki [JP/DE; extended DJ set - Morphine Records, Raster.Index]
Lukatoyboy [SR/DE; live - Blind Tapes]
Sky Captain [CH; dj - Backslash Festival]
Ink! [CH; dj - -OUS]

MIEKO SUZUKI [extended DJ set]

Mieko Suzuki is a tireless Japanese DJ and sound artist. Her sets span caustic, industrial textures and bass-heavy club-oriented rhythms. Her sets create tension between the delicate, the raw, and the daring. With an affinity for warm ambience, thick noise, and everything in between, Suzuki’s experimental approach draws from and creates connections between a wide array of genres. While she’s experienced as a club DJ, Suzuki also works with more experimental setups in varied contexts, utilising tools such as effects pedals, feedback loops, and scratching to create unconventional textures and expand on the typical DJ setup.


Lukatoyboy, a musician, sound artist and educator from Belgrade, based in Berlin for S/S and Funchal for A/W periods. Performing music and sound (ab)using electroacoustic improvisation based on transmission, feedback and analogue synthesizers and occasionaly stepping back into real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices, and fields. For clubs and bars, Lukatoyboy produces nanotechno and free IDM on a Gameboy.


Spinning vinyl since the early 2000s, Sky Captain has since then played at – and hosted through various collectives – countless spaces and non-spaces in Zurich and beyond. Similarly eclectic in his musical style, he selects his records from a broad range of genres within the vast sea that is electronic music, aiming to converge towards a night's momentum. He is an integral part of the Backslash Festival and co-organizer of the TORN series at Umbo.

INK! [dj]

Ink! is known for sets that open windows to musical dawn, or doom. Having explored the vast lands of the Hardcore Continuum since the late 90ies, he continues to be interested in the connections between signal and noise, the in-betweens and the nuances. Feeding from Techno, Rave, Bass and Dub, and often using more than just two turntables and a mixer, Ink! stirs up sets that are invitations to loose yourself in a sea of sound.

Umbo unterstützen

Umbo unterstützen