26.5.18 18:00

part I Konsens @ Nachtleben part II FUGEN

finalizing 2019 techno wise (sort of)



UHURUKU (ᗏ ᑟ ᗐ ᑍ ᗑ ᑤ ᗒ)

INK! (-ous)

NEW.COM (Comfortnoise, Zero G Sounds)

¦¦ FUGEN ¦¦

¦ CLARISSE ¦ strictly forbidden ¦ berlin ¦

¦ CHARLY SCHALLER ¦ edge detection, berlin ¦

¦ NITRATE ¦ 000-000 ¦ zürich ¦


bananas for everyone!

¦¦ FUGEN - concrete joins: representing space where there is none. enabling concrete oscillation. constantly adjusting. going unnoticed, except when missing. dirt traps.¦¦

This rave is preceded by an input + discussion about consent, bodily autonomy and sexual self-determination in nightlife, starting 6pm. If you come there, you can stay for the party with a smaller contribution.

If you're being treated inappropriately and/or don't feel well/experience any kind of discriminatory behavior during the event, for example if you're being touched and/or talked to non-consensually, please don't hesitate to talk to the (awareness-) staff. We will also provide a phone can call in case of an incident during the party.

Everyone is welcome at this party. Sexist, racist, homo- and trans-excluding behavior & hostility towards people with disabilities will not be tolerated. Our location is partly wheelchair-accesible, however, if you're using a bigger model, you might want to contact us to see it if it's possible (there are two steps within the room) - we will do everything in our power for you being able to participate (you can write us here on Facebook).

Respect our neighbors, please.

Party safe(r), party harder.

joining BLN & ZRH ♥

curated by DGL

made possible by UMBO & friends

part I Konsens @ Nachtleben part II FUGEN