14.10.2023 23:00

Nour Sokhon + Ulises4000 + Element

Nour Sokhon + Ulises4000 + Element

Nour Sokhon Live (Berlin/Zürich)

Ulises4000 (Zürich/Berlin)

Element (Berlin)

Element (DJ, Berlin/Cardiff)

Element creates a kind-hearted dancefloor for the conscious dancer. Inspired by natural phenomena, her sonic vinyl explorations are as immersive as the themes she choses for adventurous sonic excursions: Inspired by rain and its sonic complexity, her latest work is an observation of the elemental play between air and water, drawing together influences from experimental music, dub, ambient and noise.

Nour Sokhon (live, Beirut/Berlin)

“What kind of life is this? “is an ongoing performative research based on the many lives of migrants and asylum seekers that have disappeared at sea. News broadcasts, collected voice notes, objects related to home, live vocal loops and field recordings are the rippling elements that appear throughout the performance creating a cathartic ritual on stage.


Ulises400 (DJ, Zürich/Berlin)

ulises4000 is the DJ alias of Pablo Ulises Lienhard, an improviser and sound artist. He can regularly be found performing on saxophones, (no-input) mixing desks, effect pedals or computers in different contexts. "I like dancing, I like listening, I like to be surprised and challenged. I try to neither take music nor my self too seriously. I create my DJ sets according to this while respecting the vibe I find at the venue. Stylistically my sets can range from experimental, through ambient to deconstructed, breaks and clubby stuff, while including noise and maybe even some trashy y2k edits. Probably with a slight tendency towards the faster and more energetic end of the spectrum."

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