27.1.2023 23:00

Golce Dabanna 〰️ pr1nc1p3ss4 〰️ Lifebod

 Golce Dabanna 〰️ pr1nc1p3ss4 〰️ Lifebod

Golce Dabanna (hybrid dj/live)

pr1nc1p3ss4 (dj)

Lifebod (hybrid dj/live)

This Friday night we are joined by three local stars for an exciting journey from Freetek, EDM, Hyperpop, Realcore, to Punk and Rap.


An evening in a darkened, foggy room, filled with sounds of various genres; sometimes waking, sometimes dreamy - in any case always surprising. Pr1nc1p3ss4 brings technoid, electronic beats in harmony with raptraks - accessible, dancey, cheeky. pr1nc1p3ss4 warms up the evening for us.

𝓖𝓸𝓵𝓬𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝓫𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪

After pr1nc1p3ss4, Golce will make us dance with alive hybrid set.

Golce is an artist, DJ, and sound designer. They draw inspiration from the pop and underground abysses that shaped them. They look for slammed aesthetics through peaceful walks in the most wicked malls in the world. Surrounded by iconic gore-clowns, bros who smell like speed and worn-out celebrities, they smoke drama and irony. Their artistic universe reflects an a chaotic and hybrid version of themselves. Influenced by concrete music, EDM, punk, and hyperpop, they mix genres and try to extract their bitterness. In their work, they use fiction - a fiction prescribed to be swallowed as a swampy storytelling pill with a post-baggy aftertaste.


Lifebod will close the evening with a live hybrid set.

Bringing the heat and the beats, this edgy DJ is known for pushing boundaries and taking the crowd on a wild ride. With a signature sound that's equal parts gritty and groovy, they'll have you dancing on the edge of your seat all night long.

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