16.3.2024 23:00

Nichts Neues

Nichts Neues

Alicia B2B Red Shock
Hanil Jeong (live)

We are looking forward to this exciting collab between "Nichtsneues" and "Umbo", get ready for a night dripping with electric vibes and sick beats. "Nichtsneues" crew, originating from the circles of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), has already made a name for itself throwing legendary bashes with killer sound.

Get ready to ride on a musical trip, where Alicia b2b Red Shock, Hanil Jeong, Meriton, Spaceghost, and Szigo drop beats that'll have you floating between reality and dreams. Deep in the electronica game, where the line blurs, only the flickering lights break the darkness.


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Umbo unterstützen 🖤

Umbo unterstützen