6.4.19 23:00


Sky Captain
Backslash, ZH



MMNTM vol.05

Spinning vinyl since 2003, Sky Captain has since then played at – and hosted through various collectives – countless spaces and non-spaces in Zurich and beyond, though always leaning towards the edgier, off-venue kind. Similarly eclectic in his musical style, he selects his records from a broad array of genres within the vast sea that is electronic music. His sinister and more relentless side tends to take control, unleashing dystopic, gimmick-free machine-funk, or outright feverish high-octane EBM techno upon the careless attendee.

Goodbye Mozart! After her musicology studies molekühl found herself in the depths of club culture. As a musician, dj and organizer she calls the broad world of experimental electronic music her home, yet her long-term musical interest is reflected in her DJ sets - be it renaissance vocal music, downpitched trance, new beat, or noisy industrial. For this upcoming Momentvm episode, she is going to bring her darkest records.

Basic-Space from the techno movement Momentvm, hosting the event, is a DJ and radio/event producer since 2007, waving between several genres of electronic music.His notable vinyl collection has definitely a major impact on every dj set he performs. The aesthetic of his dj sets always keeps an eye on the futuristic aspect of the so-called bass and leftfield techno music.

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