23/3/18 11:00 pm

LEMNA (horo - japan)


-> what once was united .. .
-> shure feels disintegrating ... .. .

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lemna (horo - jp)

lcp (re:st - bern)

é (kashev - zürich)

secret tapes (mometvm - zürich)

grey area / ambient / drones / drum'n'bass / hypnotic polyrhythms


Lemna (Horo) - LIVE

Japanese native Maiko Okimoto, now based in Tochigi, began her musical journey in 2006 in the most unlikely of ways - as an MC for D&B DJ's in Tokyo as Key MC. Most notably, Maiko was the regular host for Makoto's infamous "Human Elements" party in Tokyo.

Following a natural progression as a recorded vocalist on productions for artists like Ena & Naibu, Maiko began to experiment with production.Maiko found her musical stride and much like fellow Japanese native and Horo label-mate ENA, a large volume of material began amassing and she has released "Ourea I" as Ourea, which is a collaboration project with Sam KDC, and her debut solo EP "Urge Theory" for Horo in 2017.

Continuing her theme of bucking the norm, Maiko does not DJ, Lemna performs live sets only and has been honing her performance in the clubs of Tokyo.