30.3.2023 20:30

It Happens When It Happens #11

It Happens When It Happens #11

Marina Tantanozi Solo (GR/CH)

Badrutt_Guionnet_Loriot (CH/FR)

It happens can’t wait auf diesen unvorhersehbaren electro-akustischen Abend! Attention to the details: extreme. Tension at all. Mit Badrutt_Guionnet_Loriot und Marina Tantanozi.

→ Tür 20.30h / Konzerte 21.00h

Marina Tantanozi (GR)

Marina Tantanozi: amplified flute / bass flute, effects

A sonic exploration of time through acoustic and amplified gestures merging with voice. A conversation with the space, the audience, and the instrument itself.

Badrutt_Guionnet_Loriot (CH/FR)

Gaudenz Badrutt – electronics (CH)

Jean-Luc Guionnet – alto saxophone (FR)

Frantz Loriot – viola (FR/CH)

It's about affinity and it's a trio. A trio made up of two altos of two different species, to the nearest half-tone. One is made of strings, wood, and horsehair, the other is made of metal, reed, leather, and plastic. The third point of the triangle is mainly made of electrons and membranes. It's a matter of infinity, but there are three of us. Elective affinities & electrical affinities. What to say about an upcoming music? It is improbable. Attention to the details: extreme. Tension at all. On purpose, without design. Rubbing, blowing and membranes, alone in the center of the cauldron. All with silence probably. And at least once, the maximum without prior prohibition. Probably, at least. There's noise, too. There will be... and in a triangle.

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