6.5.2022 20:30

It Happens When It Happens #10

It Happens When It Happens #10

Violeta Garcia (AR) / 
Camilo Angeles (PE)

mm+tt (ZH)

Tür 20:30 | Konzerte 21:00

It Happens ist zurück mit einem Abend voll surprising acoustic improv intimacies mit den weitgereisten Violeta Garcia & Camilo Angeles. Dann emotionale Fermentation, not-quite-sure-what-to-expect Noise mit mm+tt!

Violeta Garcia (AR) / Camilo Angeles (PE)

Violeta Garcia: cello
Camilo Angeles: flutes

Argentinian cellist Violeta García and Peruvian flutist Camilo Ángeles have been working on a collaborative dúo since 2014, a project based on the constant expansion of their both sonic and performatic visions, with a huge variety of narrative possibilities, sound discourses and performative approaches. These two artists have shared a big number of projects together, including the band Nicotina es Primavera and their own record label called TVL REC. On this dúo project, music is created as a space for expression and identity, and they had performed at different festivals and concert series around Argentina, Perú, Uruguay and the USA.

mm+tt (ZH)
Miao Zhao: electronics, voice
Tizia Zimmermann: voice, guitar

A duo in search of irrationality, performative actions with no consistency. Fermentation with emotions, it does not matter whether it's personal or not. It's physical and emotional, a complex emotion which takes you physical. Celebration of misunderstanding OR stumbling in our own steps for fun. Premature climax why not taste the psycho borders. We dance on the highway. We are new born. We celebrate. When are you going to scream?

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