14.6.2024 23:00

Footwork - Warrior Style

Footwork - Warrior Style

Elegantiae Arbiter (live)

Blaise Deville (DJ, Genf)

LU666666 (DJ, Fribourg)

Uhuruku (DJ, Zürich)

Iota (DJ, CH)

UMBO is very happy to announce a new night of Footwork, picking up where the series was last happening a few years ago. The old legendary Footwork Battlefield returns in a brand-new outfit, aptly titled Warrior Style. You will find a few old players and new ones, presenting this updated incarnation of the old concept.

First, we have Blaise Deville from Geneva, famous for his long-time professional DJ career back in the early days of Shelter Club in Shanghai, where he was a key player running the club alongside Gaz who is still active putting out bleeding edge stuff on the influential Subkult label, now due to Covid issues back from Manchester. After a turbulent time in China, Blaise returned to Geneva a few years back, still going from time-to-time touring through major cities in this amazing parallel universe. He has countless mixes online for Construct, we are very exited to have him back on the decks at UMBO.

Next, we have LU666666, one of Fribourg’s young generation hardest players. She already had the chance to make her striking debut at UMBO a few weeks back, and she is taking the chance to prove that when it comes to Warrior Style, she is most likely the number one and it will be very hard to beat her! Expect a set full of surprises at the most intense level imaginable. You might very well shit your pants. Experience the future today!

Uhuruku is one of the old Footwork Battlefield residents. He is one of Zurich’s finest and we have never ever experienced one sad performance. He manages to always be the freshest of the fresh, always unpredictable, yet never loosing his signature style. Although now mainly busy raising his two wonderful young daughters, we could not be more grateful and excited for him finding the time to play this event.

Iota has been involved in Footwork music a long time, e.g. running the defunct Duck N’ Cover Records from 2011 to 2017. Now active again with his brand-new outfit Fractal Mindset Records, just about putting out his first official album Destruction Of Illusion on LP. You will have the opportunity to buy this album on site. Together with UMBO’s Wendel, he is hosting this event. Also, as a special treat, he will play his first appearance as Elegantiae Arbiter, a fusion of Techno and Extreme Metal, see the next paragraph.

Finally, we have a special live performance by Elegantiae Arbiter, performing his first album titled Massalia for the very first time in public. Hypothetically speaking, if you would take an equal amount of Monty Pythons, the first four Metallica albums, some of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, and a fair dose of early Underground Resistance, you might very well get some Elegantiae Arbiter. If a grotesque mirror of the current state of society is to your taste, this might be for you. First, we will have a deep look into the Glossarium Eroticum, then experience The Supplement, perform an Elegant Suicide, discuss A Question Of Taste, meet The Intimate, look at the Silenos In The Mirror, and close the whole madness experiencing a glorious Lunar Eclipse.

Please fasten your seatbelt, may the best warrior win! We wish you a pleasant journey!

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