23.3.2024 23:00



DJ Valentimes (Anti-State Electronic, NYC)

Sven Busato (ZH)

LU666666 (Pony Club, Fribourg)

NDA (aka Bentham b2b ERNA, ZH)

DJ Valentimes is a renowned producer, DJ, and label head from New York City. With his labels PUPPY and Anti State Electronics (in collaboration with Tweaker-229) and more recently Nausea, he has made a name for himself internationally in the underground scene. In the past months, he has been on multiple tours in Europe, captivating audiences at events like Herrensauna, Enter Oslo, Corsica Studios, Ved Siden AF, and E-2S Bunker.

Lu666666 is a versatile artist who blends genres like DnB, dubstep, bass, and occasionally incorporates elements of rap and hip hop into her sets.

Sven Busato, a digital music collector with a dynamic, ever-evolving style, skillfully intertwining pop, noise, and dance genres.

Erna is deeply rooted in the DIT culture, creating immersive environments, and co-organizing subcultural events. Her DJ sets are known to showcase cutting-edge music and circle around the idea of exploring the self through sound.

Bentham is a Zurich-based DJ and event curator. Her sets are an exploration of distinct textures, moods, and patterns, in which she creates a soundscape with a compelling rhythm that moves between darker and more ethereal realms.

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