15.6.2024 23:30

DJ Würm x Gotgha x Na-ah x TVBXS

DJ Würm x Gotgha x Na-ah x TVBXS

DJ Würm (Brussels)
Gotgha (Züri)
Na-ah (Züri)
TVBXS (Züri)

DJ Würm

Gaspard Emma Hers also known as Dj Würm is a young multidisciplinary artist from Brussels. Their work delves into the dissociative state between multiple realities and multiple identities. Using various aliases and media, combining the imaginary and the grotesque, their work draws on popular references tinged with magic. They are taking great inspiration from chamber black metal, swampy rave sounds, and crappy horror movies Somewhere between fiction, archive, and diary, their work explores the role of the fantastic in everyday life.


Gotgha is a musician performer and artist based in Zurich. Their music are incantations. Dark magic woven into mutli layered noise walls and delicate Zither play, opening rooms for the long forgotten and the yet to become.


Means of deconstruction meet unifying powers when Kashev Tapes Collective affiliate Na-aH lets weighty techno stompers derail over aptly deployed post-club rhythms. Following threads of uncertainty within the fabric of sound, space and the subject, they highlight Dance-Floor pluralities, sonic as well as social, as a central pathway to escape alienation and find collective ways of celebration and agitation.


TVBXS is a Zurich-based DJ, born in southern Switzerland to Dominican-Chilean parents. Their DJ practice showcases a versatile range of styles that shifts between uncompromising rave-energy and dissociating club experiments. Their mixes create dynamic and immersive sonic experiences, luring listeners into a highly energetic world of melancholic rage framed in irony and silliness, finding love in contrasts and dismantling genre stereotypes.

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