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2M2 (live, cn/ch)

LLAMA / OLO (live, ch)

2M2 (CN,CH)

2M2, founded in 2016, is a swiss-chinese project of experimental, noise, improvised music. A duet composed by the swiss drummer Maxime Hänsenberger and the chinese electronic noise musician Mei Zhiyong. The music of 2m2 is in one point completely in the radical Harsh Noise movement but at the same time leads a kind of ''freshness'' ; a confrontation between sonic explosions made by loud monolithic multi-frequencial electronic walls of sounds and a heavy textural acoustic drumset with lots of free jazz, noise and grindcore materials... 2m2 does improvised, short and intense performances !


It is an encounter between two activists of the underground, on one side Didier Severin, leader of the terrifying Knut who has for 18 years plowed deep the wild lands of metal across the planet and on the other the adventurous Loïc Grobéty who has dragged his hump from black metal to tight rock via contemporary music. These 2 protagonists crush the matter, violent it and push the sound in its last retrenchments.
The result is dark but cinematographic, powerful and slow. Sound penetrates and embraces you to give you a unique sensory experience.

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