12.9.19 21:00

Dense Synthopic Passages


Bu.d.d.A. - oder der Bund des dritten Auges

Doors 21:00h

BU.D.D.A. (DE/CH) 22:30h

CHAOTALION is perhaps the most eccentric spawn and the actual main project of musician and sound artist Alexander Marco who has been in the spotlight for quite a while with the more danceable sound of his Industrial Fusion project SaturmZlide. He has played at numerous big festival such as Maschinenfest, Forms of Hands or Wave Gotik Treffen. Chaotalion on the other hand, a project that was born in 1997, transgresses conventional structures of electronic music; rhythm and melody are only a minor issue on Marco's electroacoustic playground. With experimental dark drones and ritual scapes he creates hypnotic, surreal atmospheres that transfer the inclined listener to completely different realities. The collage-like soundscapes of Chaotalion are always arranged with great detail; with an enormous archive of field recordings, his typical analogue sound and unique references to the occult, Marco gives his works a distinctive and personal character.

BU.D.D.A. - der Bund des Dritten Auges ist ein noch ziemlich neues Projekt, welches sich dem meditativ ambienten Drone verschrieben hat, und aus den beiden experimentellen Tonkünstler Sascha Stadlmeyer und Chris Sigdell besteht - manchmal mit, manchmal ohne Gastmusiker.
Troum trifft Earth zusammen mit Eno - für die, welche unbedingt Schubladen benötigen. Aber in Wirklichkeit baut BU.D.D.A. auf den ihnen eigenen Klängen der Deutschen Industrialband NID (1995-2005) auf, bei welcher Chris von Anfang bis Ende dabei war, und deren posthume CD bei Auf Abwegen (Asmus Tietchens etc.) erschien.

Dense Synthopic Passages