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avia (dj, basel)

guixine (dj, berlin)

sicc puppy (dj, zürich)

avia is a basel-based dj with a strong sense of narration and experimentation. whether on the radio or on stage, avia traverses myriad worlds, crafting ethereal soundscapes that intertwine with the gritty, raw essence of the club-sphere. avia's performances invite the audience into a realm of limitless possibilities, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur into a nebulous haze of sound.

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guixine is known for featuring cut-up male torso pictures as the cover art for techno edits and mashups that are spread across multiple soundcloud accounts. their sound and edits are fitted to warped and void queer ideals in techno. fast, bouncy, slick, and sexy, encouraging hip movements rather than fists in the air. currently, in residency with nick klein’s psychic liberation–as heard on hör and montez press radio–guixine has emerged from digital obscurity and recently also released on labels such as ectopic and kashev tapes

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sicc puppy is a multidisciplinary artist and producer hailing from the texas-mexico border. her sound cracks open the unpleasant and negative to reveal its disruptive, transformative, chaotic, cathartic potential. all in the hopes that it brings us a little closer to the spaces that exist in-between: the variable, unpredictable, and poignant places of our own embodied particularities. her dj-sets and blends have garnered praise for their alchemical, divinely intuitive, transmutative, transportive kinetic power.  

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