Umbo Soli Fest
13.9.19 23:00

Umbo Soli Fest

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5 CHF before 00:00
10 CHF after 00:00 for students
15 CHF after 00:00 normal price


This is a soli fest for Umbo. All benefit goes to Umbo. Umbo needs (y)our support.  Clubbüro is not another competitive venue. Clubbüro is here to support the alternative living scene of Zurich. This night is composed by people fighting the gentrification of partying - for places of freedom and places of expression.


«Umbo is an alternative non-profit club run by an association on a DIY basis providing space for genre diversity and musical experiments. The collective aims to provide wicked musical experiences accessible to all. To make this happen, the place relies on volunteers and financial support.»


Shlagga b2b Israfil
Metaphore Collectif / Marseille / France

Both founding members of the crew Metaphore Collectif, programmer and true activist of the Marseille alternative scene, Shlagga and his heart brother Israfil claims a DIY and sincere approach. Very concerned about the values of the original rave culture and the importance of communing to challenge, they are DJs who do not make music only for the sake of Art, but to spread a message intended to bring people together. Also, they are not afraid to take risks in their sets: exploring the mazes of industrial music like dark atmospheres, tribal rhythms and post-punk influences. By continuing the initiative to break down the standards that partition electronic music, it offers a cathartic experience - always surprising. Both Student at the Conservatory of Marseille in electroacoustic, they conceive sound as a raw material, whose limits can be explored to infinity. Dance till you die. Welcome in the free zone meta…

Shlagga as the clown from l’O.M on his uplifting Boiler Room >

Last Release of Israfil on the stunning compilation from Public System Recordings>


Clone Records / Amsterdam / Netherlands

Amsterdam based DJ, she has been in the game for a long time already, but it’s been just a year or so that Rachella (real name) has been operating under her new alias. Expect some dark, breaky, industrial 90's vibes rooted beats and atmospheric tracks that reminds a bit of early Reload and Afx tracks and even some Sahko. She just released her new EP on her own DIY ZOHAR label with a wide spectrum of sound structures and complex moods that variates from club driven breaks, experimental electronics, ambient and dub. You might have seen her at Red Light Radio or Dekmantel.

Her killer EP distributed by Clone Records>


Nitrate / Umbo / Zürich B2b Céline Cé / Où êtes-vous toutes? / Lausanne

Two strong militants for nightlife in Switzerland, Céline Cé from Lausanne part of the collective Où êtes-vous toutes? playing along Eszter aka Nitrate aka the Umbo queen. You might have seen her behind the bar at Umbo or playing solid Techno all around Switzerland. They open the night and they never played together - here just pure improvisation, a great communion to break the Röstigraben. Expect a tasty starter!


Organ Tempel / Zürich
Awareness Zone

As at every good party, you will maybe feel the need to rest or even lay down. There is your space! An extra space close to the dance floor is going to happen. Where you are surrounded by ritual on this friday 13th for healing yourself. Organ Tempel is a collective of artists promoting the human body and mind connexion trough music, art and space. They are expert in translating ancient pagan rituals into contemporary scenography and performances.

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Bitte beachte unsere COVID-19 Massnahmen

Wenn du dich krank fühlst, bleib bitte zu Hause.

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