1.3.18 21:00

Sonic Chaos

Dionisøs (Wintherthur)

Helena Markos (UK)
Lcp (Bern)
Nitrate (Zürich)


Helena Markos is the lady behind Tales of Psychofonia, a unique music plattform sharing and promoting meaningful and mindful contemporary sounds, through podcasts, interviews, reviews and events. The Bristol-based artist Helena Markos is a vinyl freak, driving her listeners progressively through a modern ritual, where dark, mental and savage electronics are combined with technoid and dancefloor rhythms in the way only she can.

Lcp is a producer, dj and the curator of the vinyl-only swiss Label re:st  ( As a producer, he delves into the deepest layers of drum n bass, fusing it with elements of broken house, ambient and jungle. As a dj, Lcp pushes his signature sound into heavier bass drones and techno orientated forms, uniquely balancing depth and dancefloor rhythms.

Nitrate, the Umbo Queen and the artist behind the RONO2 Podcast series, will do an intro set and Dionisos will close the night with a live acid house performance.



Letting the voices of the Underworld be heard. Purpura is an indispensable sonic presence just by the telluric force of her sets, working furiously and deep in the red, with a joy and sense of Noise tremendously assumed & mastered.// Cave12. GenevaLaunched in 2014, this obscure figure of the underground scene in Switzerland floods her audience with various and varied sound aggression, reviving a certain form of subversiveness. //NoiseFest. Delémont.



Tiny Tramp explores its well-being through concrete sounds of dirtyprimitive industrial, concocted with scrap metal tape loops and variouselectronic devices which allow him to probe infinitely into repetitiverhythms in order to alter his state of being by deep physical engagementduring performances and harsh disposition with high contrast used in hissongs.



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Sonic Chaos