16/2/18 11:00 pm

Praesens Editionen Showcase


-> what once was united .. .
-> shure feels disintegrating ... .. .

../.// grAvitat1o.naL an0m.Aly detect.Ed \//./ in:c0m1ng:: pAra.normaL /./\\\/.\.rrave_act1vitY //./\> w.itH: \\ FILTER DREAD (UK) /\\ />No Corner//Pan X Codes//Corrupt Data<\\ +Sch.Tsch+//+iRK.\.\//..
../y\\\ . \ ..
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zweikommasieben mothership Präsens Editionen stops by at Umbo in occasion of PE-010, one of the label's latest releases. PE-010 is a split tape between Belia Winnewisser and L.Zylberberg with two sides, that both are pretty trippy and stroke the imprint's soft spot for esotericism. Belia and Leo will both perform a live set at Umbo, supported by dane//close, an old friend affiliate from the early days (maybe you remember his dope EP on Präsens Editionen from two years ago or the tape he did a bit earlier on).