15.3.19 23:00

LOG N° 15/3

Abrasive High Tension Scream_Noise_Industrial_Rap

Blown_Out_Trap & Destructive Clubbing

Prison Religion (Halcyon Veil)

R.A.T. (H.O.M.E)
Tikitula (Kashev Tapes)

Hardcore noise project Prison Religion, from Richmond, Virginia, is comprised of Poozy and False Prpht.

Though the two are solo artists in their own right, they collaborate regularly to make collages together that are indebted yet flippant to hip hop, punk, and techno.


Radical Anxiety Termination is Jan Vorisek's DJ imprint R.A.T.

The Swiss artist of Czech origin is also a co-founder of Zurich’s own influential club-not-club platform HOUSE OF MIXED EMOTIONS.


Tikitula's nickname Gabber reveals how she likes it. Dark and uncompromising. Her HC collection extends from Holland to Israel. Equally she is obsessed with techno. She does not like fashion or laws. Rather, she shoots around with metallic beats, dirty industrial, vibrating basslines and corrosive acid in wicked cellars boycotting the propaganda. In the evening she drinks red wine with the devil and burns Bibles.


LOG N° 15/3