16.5.19 21:00

Jooklo Trio

Virginia Genta
amplified saxophones

Brandon Lopez

David Vanzan

Virginia Genta (amplified saxophones), Brandon Lopez (bass) and David Vanzan (drums) get together as JOOKLO TRIO to deliver
some heavy electric jams where free improvisation can take the most dark and frightening shapes through feedbacks, screams and
scatterings. A surprising fusion of noise, punk and jazz always on the edge between known and unknown, good and evil, black and
white, in and out, up and down…

Blowing minds all over the world since 2004 with hundreds of charming performances and some cult records, Jooklo Duo (Virginia
Genta on reeds, flutes, piano, percussion and David Vanzan on drums) keeps spreading their powerful and uniquely vibrant sound,
deeply rooted in free jazz avant-garde but heavily influenced by traditional folk music, and at the same time open to extreme sound
Over the years the perpetual research for new and challenging combinations has led Genta and Vanzan to form a large variety of
ensembles and to collaborate with artists as Bill Nace, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Dror Feiler, Dylan Nyoukis, Hartmut Geerken,
Makoto Kawabata, Mette Rasmussen and many others.
The duo has also been working with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company alongside John Paul Jones and Takehisa Kosugi,
performing for “Nearly Ninety” in main theatres in Madrid and London, and has been a long time favourite of emblematic figures such as
Henry Rollins, WFMU radio, the Wire, etc…

Improviser/Composer Brandon A. Lopez has been deemed the “Ubiquitous Free Improv Bass Ace” by the Village Voice and said to play
with a “Bruising Physicality” by the Chicago Reader.
He was born and raised in the splendors of Northwestern New Jersey, in the shadow of the (New York) city. It was there that he
cultivated a taste for left-of-center music and subsequently, dug graves.
He’s had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s luminary, left-of-center musicians and is a frequent collaborator with Weasel
Walter, Nate Wooley, Mette Rasmussen, Gerald Cleaver, Peter Evans, Ingrid Laubrock, Dave Rempis, just to name a few. He has
toured and played prestigious halls, DIY basements, and festivals all across North America and the European Continent.
He currently leads a piano trio dubbed “Mess” with Sam Yulsman and Chris Corsano. He frequently plays solo. He is also the 2018
Artist in Residence at Issue Project Room and a 2018 VAN LIER FELLOW at Roulette, NYC.
He attended New England Conservatory.

Jooklo Trio