22/2/18 8:30 pm

It Happens when it happens


-> what once was united .. .
-> shure feels disintegrating ... .. .

../.// grAvitat1o.naL an0m.Aly detect.Ed \//./ in:c0m1ng:: pAra.normaL /./\\\/.\.rrave_act1vitY //./\> w.itH: \\ FILTER DREAD (UK) /\\ />No Corner//Pan X Codes//Corrupt Data<\\ +Sch.Tsch+//+iRK.\.\//..
../y\\\ . \ ..
./.. .,

"it happens when it happens" #6 

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Daichi Yoshikawa:

"Intervivos" (empty editions, 2018)

Jean-Luc Guionnet (FR): alto saxophone

Daichi Yoshikawa (JP): feedback electronics


"Rather than seeking refinement or resolution through existing structures, Guionnet and Yoshikawa prioritize a sort of collaborative musical searching in which the aural entanglement, layering and folding of their scorched intonations creates an emergent musical form - a non-linear music which sounds both ancient and futuristic.“ (Empty Editions)

Antoine Chessex: Solo Action

Antoine Chessex: saxophone & electronics 

"Nobody plays the saxophone as abysmal as Chessex, when transforming his instrument into a black distorted foghorn by the use of circular breathing, amps and distortion pedals."


Doors: 20:30, Concerts: 21:30