10.6.18 22:00

Eastern Noise Congregation

finalizing 2019 techno wise (sort of)



UHURUKU (ᗏ ᑟ ᗐ ᑍ ᗑ ᑤ ᗒ)

INK! (-ous)

NEW.COM (Comfortnoise, Zero G Sounds)

We invite you to an evening of noise and experiments.

Heimatlos 無家 (France/China, drone/ambient/noise metal)


Li Jianhong 李劍鴻 (China, psych guitar noise, first EU tour)


Mei Zhiyong 梅志勇 (China, harsh noise)


Wang Ziheng 王子衡 (China, free impro/noise, first EU tour)

Eastern Noise Congregation