8.11.2019 23:00




Simon Grab (OUS, Lavalava; zh)

Jolly (Kashev Tapes; zh)
! (OUS; zh)

Guyus (Vibestation; zh)

Celebrating the release day of the full length album «Posthuman Species» (OUS Records)!
In this long-term project «Pulse» Simon Grab creates soundscapes and noises of an imagined posthuman environment. His dark organic sonic creatures build up on a dense conglomeration of pulsating frequencies, played live on a reduced «no-input-mixing» setup. The self-oscillating system unveils a vast richness of notorious feedbacks, bursts of noise and tender tones, and a fair amount of raw bass.

The signals speak in their own voices as they incarnate the network of machines they originate from. As the status quo is defined as temporary and transient, Simon Grab's live performances are raw, anarchistic and highly unpredictable.


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